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When I started aplaceforthoughts.com I was blessed to cross paths with some beautiful people. Betsy Henry was one of the first few and today I am grateful for her continued support and friendship. Betsy’s site, The Zen Mama’s blog, is peaceful and encouraging. She shares so much with all of us. She reminds us of the benefits of laughter and of smiling. She encourages us to let go of worry. She talks about parenting, acceptance, gratitude, peace, love, compassion and so much more.

Betsy has published two books. How To Be A Zen Mama and The Zen Mama’s Book of Quotes and I am happy to say that they both have a place on my nightstand. Shortly after meeting Betsy I ordered How To Be a Zen Mama and loved it! When I found out that her book of quotes was in the works I just knew I’d have to have a copy! Although I don’t use as many quotes as Betsy, I am quite the quote fan myself.

In October I shared this story. Betsy’s response? {This post gave me the chills! I so believe in angels. You got a powerful message through your son. I’m going to share this.}

And so she did.

This weekend Betsy posted An Angel Visit. Be sure to stop by to read it and spend some time on her site. You’ll be so glad you did!


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Re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss what insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem. ~Walt Whitman

How does this quote make you feel?

What thoughts came to mind after reading it?

…dismiss what insults your own soul…

Love that. It almost gives you permission to let go of something that weighs you down. Or perhaps it provides the strength to stand up against the dismissing force that keeps you from being you. From being at peace. If nothing else it allows you to feel what is home to your soul and reminds you to acknowledge that peace. To let go of the stress in your day and be at peace.

…and your very flesh will be a great poem.

Yes. Yours. A great poem. Feel impossible? It isn’t.

Whether you realize it or not; it already is. Recognizing it is what is key.

If you feel calm, balanced, and at home in your soul then be grateful for that blessing.

If not then take a break. Go for a walk, or sit down with a cup of tea, perhaps go for a drive, pray, read a book, call a friend or family member, unwind, do something that relaxes you. Something that brings you to your peaceful place. You deserve that blessing. We all do.

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Hello! I feel terrible that it has been so long sine I’ve written! I’ve meant to for some time. I actually have six drafts started but I just couldn’t piece them together for a closing.

For tonight I am probably just going to ramble a bit so that I can send out a hello and get you caught up with me.

One thing that I’ve thought a lot about is publishing a book. I always wanted to when I was younger but I think my lack of confidence pushed that thought away. In fact, I did write one long ago but it wasn’t something that I had any intentions of sharing. Throughout the past year the urge has come back many times. And earlier this year I started researching some of the steps that I would have to take to accomplish this. I’m still in the research stage but in May I did start to write what I now envision this dream to be. We will see where I decide to go with this. So this might explain some of my absence but it doesn’t explain it all…

As of late I have spent much of my time going straight to bed after getting my little guy to sleep. I’ve pushed through the days and by the time 8pm rolls around I’ve had it. Throughout the day I’ve done what I can to not get sick and find things to eat that make my tummy happy because my little guy is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

I hope that my excuses are good enough that you’ll still want to visit aplaceforthoughts.com regularly! I’m still here.

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