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Throughout the day yesterday I had thought about love. I had an idea of what I wanted to write about and had all intentions of doing so last night. While the idea was fresh. Then I heard that my grandmother was taken to the emergency room. The world stopped and my evening was rearranged. At some point I think I’ll still try to write about where my thoughts were yesterday but it isn’t going to be this morning.

For now I want to ask you what love is to you. Where do you recognize love in your day? When you think of love what do you immediately think of?

I imagine some people who are married would quickly say their husband or wife and some parents would say their children. Not everyone has children or a significant other. Some may see it in the work that they do. Or through a child they saw at the grocery store. Perhaps they see love in nature. Love is all around us.

Although I felt blessed at different times throughout the day yesterday things quickly changed when I received that phone call. The one where your chest tightens and your heart starts to race. I was feeding my little guy dinner and then I dashed out the door and got to the emergency room right away. When I walked into my grandmother’s hospital room she looked up and said “There you are. I just knew you would be here with me when you found out. ” There it was. The love in my day.

Grandma – I love you. I always will.

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world. ~Brandi Snyder


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Lately when I see my grandmother she is always trying to give me something. Something she wants to make sure that I have. Usually it is something that I gave her as a gift at one point. Or something my mother gave her. Or just something special of hers she wants to be sure is left with me. It has now happened the last three visits.

I understand that she needs to do this but it is difficult for me. I am the one person in her life that is a part of her every day. She gets a phone call each day from me and a visit once a week. So I tell her that she can just tell me who she would like what to go to. I tell her that we have time for that. That I can help her go through things and write it down so that she can be sure later on the proper person has them. I remind her that she should still enjoy these things now.

Is that selfish of me? To try to convince her to hold on to some of these things to enjoy them? Because as much as I am saying that for her sake; I’m saying it for mine.

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