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Monday night I met a friend for dinner. It had been awhile and it was good to catch up. One of the things that she was talking about was how her mind just doesn’t work anymore and how multi-tasking is a thing of the past for her. I told her how I was experiencing the same thing often. Fast forward to Tuesday morning. I took out my wallet so that I could fill out my bank slip and what did I find?!? The credit card slip from the restaurant the night before. With the gratuity and my signature! Eek! Obviously I left the wrong one with the waitress! How embarrassing!

I called my friend so that she could get a good laugh and made her aware that indeed she was not the only one without a working mind. I can only imagine what our waitress was thinking of me after we left and the names that were probably thrown my way! I called the restaurant right away and the man on the phone knew just who I was (so obviously I was the only one who made that mistake that night!) The good thing is that our waitress has a nice tip now and is probably feeling better about our visit to her table. The bad thing is that I have officially lost my mind! 😉


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