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I know that many have heard of Oprah’s NO PHONE ZONE. An episode aired in January about the importance of having your cell phone in your purse or pocket instead of in your hands while you are driving. Have you signed the pledge?

As of the time that I am writing this post there are 136,459 pledges that have been submitted. Are you one of them? Do you drive and text? Are you always good about using your hands free device when talking? Is it illegal to text and drive where you live? In NY State it became illegal on November 1st.

If you did sign the pledge – have you been able to live up to that promise? How hard has it been for you to stop texting while driving?

I’ve got to admit that I have been one to text and drive but that episode reminded me just how dangerous it is. Being someone who has been in a car accident I was mad at myself for ever doing it! Now if I have a message I need to send I’ll try to send it when I first sit down in the car; while it is still in park. So easy to send an I’m on my way text then instead of at 45 mph. But if I am driving somewhere to meet up with someone I’ll often pull in and send a where are you text and I shouldn’t because they are driving! I’m taking a chance that they’ll hear the notice of a new text and be compelled to look at it while they are driving!

So many have died because they were driving while texting or another driver was texting. It’s so terribly sad and so unnecessary. We can prevent this.

Oprah said that over 6,000 died last year as a result of this dangerous habit! 6,000! And the number injured? I can’t remember but it was way too many. Oprah also stated that texting while driving is just as dangerous as driving drunk. AS DRIVING DRUNK. Can you believe that? Please do because it is true. Remind your loved ones just how dangerous this is. If you didn’t see the episode; watch it. Erica Forney was a little girl riding her bike home from school when she was hit by an SUV on her street. She was almost there. And now she is gone. You’ll see her parents on Oprah telling Erica’s story. Jordan Cibley was 18 years old when he died. When his father was describing his accident I think he said that Jordan had dropped his cell phone and they believed he was trying to lean over and pick it up. These are just two of many heartbreaking stories.

Tell your children, your parents, your siblings, your friends – help spread the word!

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