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Lately when I see my grandmother she is always trying to give me something. Something she wants to make sure that I have. Usually it is something that I gave her as a gift at one point. Or something my mother gave her. Or just something special of hers she wants to be sure is left with me. It has now happened the last three visits.

I understand that she needs to do this but it is difficult for me. I am the one person in her life that is a part of her every day. She gets a phone call each day from me and a visit once a week. So I tell her that she can just tell me who she would like what to go to. I tell her that we have time for that. That I can help her go through things and write it down so that she can be sure later on the proper person has them. I remind her that she should still enjoy these things now.

Is that selfish of me? To try to convince her to hold on to some of these things to enjoy them? Because as much as I am saying that for her sake; I’m saying it for mine.

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