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The first day of September is already coming to a close. It seems this whole year is just flying by. When it comes to September I wish that life could just slow down. If only these 30 days could just last longer.

I love the close of summer and feeling the weather change as we approach fall. It has always been my favorite time of year. For many reasons. One is that it is finally cooler! I’m not a big fan of the 90 degree days especially with the humidity that accompanies them where I live. I love the colors of the fall, the crisp fresh air that we can breathe in and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. It’s as if people are eager to be better versions of themselves and they actually are. I notice it most between Thanksgiving and Christmas but it usually lingers into January as well. If only that was how we operated throughout the entire year. Life would be more peaceful for sure.

Is there something specific that you tend to do more of during the holiday season? Perhaps it is an extra visit to a family member, a delivery to a favorite local charity or taking the extra two minutes to help someone carry their groceries. How about incorporating it into your September? Why not take this beautiful time of year and make it even better?

Sounds like it is time for me to unwind with a cup of tea and think of all that I look forward to this month as well as the ways I can bring more peace and hope into it.

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